Thursday, February 19, 2015

2nd Blog Hop For the Build a Line Challenge, Melida Boman with The Journey of Pens and Things

Hello and welcome to the second of three installments of the "Build a Line Challenge" Blog Hop. I have learned a lot and I am one of those that have banging my head on a wall. When I fist revealed my thoughts on a line, I thought I could do wedding head jewelry. I have since decided that this is too broad an idea, which is why I am hitting the wall. I thought to do 5 different styles that were simple but elegant. I keep going for the over the top look which I realize before I put it all together for the final time but that does not help me with concept. This picture is what I have got together so far.

I am not sure if this mermaid one will work, but it has given me an idea on a new one to try to make. I think I will try some charms and make it similar to a charm bracelet. I am waiting for some stuff to come in to see if that will work. Here is to hoping! LOL

I am a steampunk/refurbish girl at heart, which has made me decide to do another line while working on this one. I was having a huge mental blockage so I worked on this next piece for a couple of days (I still need to add a couple of pearls and crystals) You know how it goes.... as you are working on something totally different, that is when you get an idea that works with what you were trying to do in the first place. I feel that I that I can make this work but I am going to end up doing this in stages.

The other thing that I realized during this trip is that I have a been sticking my head in the sand when it comes to fashion. I have never been one to follow what people are wearing or what is "IN". My eyes have been opened a little in that I am going to start paying attention to what colors are in fashion but I am still wanting to stay true to me, so we will have to see if I can do it.

Thanks for coming over and rumbling through my head a little bit. See you next time!

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  1. Nice look inside your head! Thank you. ~Melissa

  2. That last piece you shared is drop dead gorgeous! Really like the design and colors.

    Can't wait to see what else you make for the final reveal.

    Marica Zammit
    Bead Lovelies

  3. I too love the last piece it is gorgeous and thank you for sharing your thought process and your creative challenges

  4. I too love the last piece it is gorgeous and thank you for sharing your thought process and your creative challenges

  5. Great post. Lovely designs and that last piece will make a great statement piece.~Ingrid

  6. I've been hopping all day and "seeing" the struggles in the classroom for the past month I can tell you without a doubt you are in very good company. SO much thought and consideration going into your designs. I'm looking forward to our next hop.

  7. This is certainly a challenge in many ways and for many of us! Seems like you are starting to find your footing and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  8. I like the last piece as well. Thank you for sharing your challenges, you are on the way!!

  9. I really need to pay more attention to fashion, too. It just doesn't occur to me, which needs to change. I'm glad I'm not the only one...

  10. Great pieces, and post, Melida. I'm not much for following trends or fashion either, but how wonderful that we're learning about the importance of that in the class. ;)

  11. Melida- I enjoyed reading your post and checking out the photos. You are really on to something -- I like it!! ~mary

  12. Hope you are not banging your head anymore--enjoyed your post. I too struggle with fashion knowledge and application. Just not sure how much will apply to my line--but absolutely love where you are going. Gina H

  13. Hope you are not banging your head anymore--enjoyed your post. I too struggle with fashion knowledge and application. Just not sure how much will apply to my line--but absolutely love where you are going. Gina H

  14. Can't wait to see the rest because what you have is beautiful!!

  15. Enjoyed your post. :) I would love to see the jewelry a little clearer. Is there a way to enlarge the pics? Thanks!

    1. I will try to make them bigger.

    2. If you click on the images it brings them up much larger :)

  16. I like the last piece.

  17. Gorgeous jewelry, looking forward to seeing the full line!

  18. Your colors are fabulous, I especially like the ones in the last piece.

  19. It's true, we don't always know where the creative process will take us. Being able to work on more than one line at a time is pretty impressive. I hope you have great luck with the components you're awaiting.

  20. I don't spend a lot of time considering what's trending or fashionable but through this challenge I see the merit in keeping abreast of trends. Your line looks great. Looking forward to the final reveal.

  21. Melinda--I've never paid attention to fashion either, but I must be aware of it subliminally since my designs are very often just ahead of the trend. I love your last piece. It's beautiful and I can possibilities for stepping it out into simpler pieces to go as part of your line.

  22. I think your right About paying more attention to fashion.

  23. Hi Melida! I would love to see your photos a little larger (they look great) just hard for me to see the details! LOL Great blog!

  24. Beautiful items and wonderful blog~ I am so happy to be working along side of you in this Master Class with our wonderful leader~ Cannot wait to see your line!
    ~nike xo

  25. Thank you for sharing with us those "brick wall" moments; I was facing them, also. Looks like your line is coming along nicely!

  26. Wow--I really like all the 5 pieces in the top photo! You have wonderful ideas and I love your thoughts on how you progressed! (I didn't really share much of my moments of being stuck because it was hard to make it positive and to describe how I came out of it--I still don't quite know how it all finally came together!) I love the colors and shells on your mermaid piece and for my part, I hope you do all the lines and then let us see them! Glad you're on etsy so I can "check up" on you! You really do beautiful work and your assemblage piece with the butterfly is lovely as are they all! :):)

  27. All of these pieces are gorgeous, but that last ones a stunner, keep up the Good work.

  28. Your work is lovely, so definitely stay true to your own design ideas! It's tough to work this way, always conscious of what we need to be doing for the challenge, and sticking to the theme we submitted. I so badly wanted to write to Brenda Sue & ask for permission to change it all when I got stuck, so I know how hard it is. It seemed like I came up with ideas for everything except what I was supposed to be doing this month. :)

  29. What you have done is really beautiful!! Graceful and romantic and just really cool!!! Stop beating your head against the wall, this line is very lovely and will sell well!
    Be Blessed!

  30. I'm not much of a fashionista either, but I've learned to appreciate the overall looks and feels of fashion. Looks like you're on the right track. Can't wait for the big reveal. :-) ~Elizabeth

  31. I know what you mean when you say work on something else and the ideas for finishing your original piece will sort itself out.

  32. Thank you for posting, Melida, you are giving this heart and soul.....and that's how we learn. Keep going forward!

  33. Keep on keeping on!! It was a much harder challenge for MANY of us than we anticipated.

  34. Keep on keeping on!! It was a much harder challenge for MANY of us than we anticipated.

  35. I understand the banging head thing! Ouch! We're all learning so much during this challenge. Fashion is ... fashion. I don't really know the importance of keeping up, simply because my target audience includes people who just buy and wear what *they* like -- very much what I do. You keep on doing what feels right!


  36. Melida .. I love you bottom necklace .. it's a beauty and I can't wait to see it finished on March 20th .. nice blog

  37. You line is looking great. I know that I too must look at fashion & colors more to see what the trends are. Looking forward to seeing your line.

  38. I really like the large assemblage piece you made... it's beautiful.

  39. hang on in there ! looking forward to seeing what you choose for your finished line. Linzi

  40. Melida your flower necklace is beautiful!!! Wow I love the color of the flower for sure and the assemblage is awesome!!! You will have a fanastic line for sure! ~ Louise

  41. Banging my head with you. But that assemblage is gorgeous, soon as you use some of those parts for earrings you have another level finished. You go girl. looking forward to more pieces.

  42. I can relate to your struggles, and think your assemblage is gorgeous!

  43. It is a tricky process, but there's lots to learn and we can only go up, right? Hang in there!