Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun on a sunny weekend in January.

This past weekend was such a great weeken that hubby was able to turn a couple of pens! He got an order for a segmented wooden pen using these 2 wood blanks.

He then cut them, glued them, waited, and then glued again. (He thought he was going to turn to dust due to all the waiting he had to do.) When all the glueing was done he then sliced them up and glued them one final time and he got this...

After these finally dried he was so ready to turn them into a fountain pen.

I think this pen came out pretty neat.  It was a good weeken all around.  

I will be doing a blog hop  for  the B'Sue Challenge on Friday. I hope you will come join us!

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  1. Head dress is a great theme and the colors and style are lovely. I want to see more..