Friday, January 9, 2015

I did it!

So for the last month the Facebook group that I am a part of, B'Sue Boutique creative group,  has been talking about doing a 3month build your line challenge. I had been thinking about whether or not I had the experience to do this. I went to work this past week and was showing some pictures to a couple of coworker who were like "you so have to try this!"

My original idea was squashed before I could write it up but I fhought of something else that I hope will turn out to be fun. We will be doing a blog hop soon and that is when I can show what I thought up. Here is to hoping that people like it.

On other news I was working on a couple steampunk ideas.
I really like how the earrings came out
Now I just need to figure out what I want the chains for the necklaces to look like. I am a big dragon fan and I hope to be able to add more to my work 

Hubby has been complaining that the weather is too col to work on pens this week. I wonder what he is going to say next week when it is colder? 😊

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